Look! Show and Tell!

I got this from my friend Denise, who got it from her friend Tracey, who got it from her friend Debra, who  I found this on a blog, and it looked like fun.  It’s a meme called “Look” that’s making the rounds.  Here’s the gist: find “Look” in your current work-in-progress and paste the surrounding paragraphs into your blog. Then tag others to pass it on.

Here’s what I came up with, using the term “in-progress” loosely.  Very loosely.

“Okay, okay.  Oscar, stop.”  She got her feet under her and her hand back and tried to follow.  Except Oscar was like a ferret or something.  He raced down the stairs, his bare feet uncharacteristically quiet, and waited at the bottom hopping about and gesturing.  “Okay, okay,” she muttered again.  Her sleep-deprived mind couldn’t even process possibilities.  Something that needed a name?  Like a stray?

Look,” Oscar demanded, grabbing her hand again and pulling her the last five feet into the kitchen.  He pointed at the sliding glass door, and behind it, at what waited on the porch in the dim light of why-am-I-out-of-bed.

“What is that?”  An enormous shadow.  An enormous, pacing, shaggy shadow that could easily eat the deck furniture and maybe have room for a little brother.


Tag.  You’re it.

Denise tagged some of my other peeps, so I’m going to add Elizabeth GaucherErica Orloff, Gigi Amateau, Meg Medina, and Shann Palmer.