I’m trying to get a handle on this writing thing.  I love it and all, and I’m a better person when I’m doing it, but it just seems like the results of doing a load of laundry are more concrete and immediate, so I’m pretty easily distracted (especially when I’m out in public and realize my teenage son is wearing a shirt out of his dirty clothes hamper . . . sniff . . . sniff).  I know we are each given 24 hours a day, and it’s up to each of us how we use it, blah blah blah.  I’m trying to get a grip.

I live in Richmond, VA, with my husband, two boys, and a beagle/mutt even more easily distracted than I am.  I used to teach language arts at a small private school, but I am currently between jobs, working on short stories, and volunteering for the incomparable organization James River Writers.

You can find my work in Front Porch Flash Fiction and The Great Richmond Zombie Book, both from local indie press Sink/Swim, and in the recycling bin on the street every other Wednesday. 


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